Wambtac Ghostwriters


You have a great idea

A theory you’ve been developing for decades. A company or business you want to bring to the public’s attention. A wonderful story that’s been playing out in the back of your head for years.


You want to publish your book

Time to start getting those great reactions from your friends, your family, your online network. Time to start attracting clients and customers.


You’re not a professional writer

Publishing is so easy today, shouldn’t writing it be just as easy? It probably should be. But it isn’t.


You want a professional writer—and a support team

Every WG certified ghostwriter uses the same exclusive ghostwriting methodology to structure, drive, and polish your manuscript to top marketability standards. Plus, you have access to the support, editing, and industry advice of a team leader, a cadre of editors, and our founder herself, the only expert ghostwriting instructor in the world.


You want security

If something goes awry, another certified ghost will use the same methodology and already developed materials to take over wherever the work stalled. You lose no money. You lose no time. You never have to search for or negotiate with a new ghostwriter.


You want confidentiality

Your name alone goes on the cover and your copyright. We never reveal our contribution to your title. Ever. Even if the title makes the NY Times bestseller list. Even if it gets peer-review approval from a major university press. Mum’s the word.


You want proprietary ownership

You keep all advances, royalties, profits, and proceeds. Even if the book gets optioned or made into a major film.


You want Wambtac Ghostwriters

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