About The Name

What’s a Wambtac?

Wambtac (wham-bee-tack) Communications LLC is the third incarnation of the acronym for “Words and Music by Tom and Claudia.”


It was first used back in 1980, when the husband-and-wife team Tom Stein (pianist) and Claudia Suzanne (drummer) began copyrighting the songs they wrote together.  They soon took their act on the road, where they were best known for his virtuosity, her comic relief, and their love/hate, push/pull, fight/kiss relationship. They were, as one club owner put it, “vewy entertaining.”

Once daughter Lona was born, life quickly came down to the act or the marriage, so Tom went on with his music career and Claudia segued into writing and ghostwriting books. This reduced their involvement in each other’s lives by a good 6.42 percent.

In 1995, the couple formally opened an “umbrella” company to simplify their tax status. What better name than the acronym they still used to describe their life? Thus, Wambtac (Music and Books) was born. 

After Tom passed away, Claudia and Lona, now an accomplished ghostwriter in her own right, created a new enterprise focused entirely on ghostwriting, ghostwriter training, and client publication.  

But in the rage of widowhood, Claudia was still hooked on the acronym. Rather than choose a new, more descriptive name for the company, the mother/daughter team—best known for Claudia’s expertise, Lona’s clear-headed leadership, and their love/hate, push/pull, fight/kiss relationship—settled on Wambtac Communications LLC.

When in 2016 Lona and her husband, therian-artist Joshua Ward, left the company to create their own enterprise, the executive team changed, but the name—now known by at least five or six dozen people—remained the same.

Wambtac Today

Wambtac today is a far cry from the fiercely independent husband-wife duo of the late 1980s.

Our intense, 10-month Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program, is the only academically supported ghostwriter-training course-of-study in the world. Through it, we have launched dozens of Certified Ghostwriter careers.

In 2013, we  produced Ghostwriters Unite! the world’s first international conference by, for, and about ghostwriting, and Liv Haugland became a permanent member of our Executive Team.

In 2014, we brought in Eric “Kata” Schuyler to head up our publishing division, Iridescent Orange Press. He published Secrets of a Ghostwriter: The Only Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Ghostwriting Theory, Skills, and Politics.

In 2015, we began actively matching aspiring authors with Certified Ghostwriters.

In 2016, we’re publishing the long-awaited 5th Edition of This Business of Books: A Complete Overview of Today’s Industry from Concept through Sales.

In 2017—who knows where we’ll grow?

The music is now strictly in the writing—we give your manuscript rhythm and harmony.