Our Executive Team

Claudia Suzanne, Founder/Owner

A book-industry authority, Claudia spearheads the movement to elevate and advance ghostwriting. She penned Secrets of a Ghostwriterthe “seminal textbook” on the subject, teaches the only ghostwriter-training program in the world and founded Ghostwriters Unite, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the professionalization and proliferation of ghostwriting via education  and community. She has ghosted 150 books including tracked bestsellers, hi-volume-sales titles, peer-reviewed works, award-winning novels, and memoirs optioned for film. The 5th Edition of her signature title, This Business of Books: A Complete Overview of the Industry from Concept through Sales, an international standard of the industry, is scheduled for release January 2017. Although Claudia no longer actively ghostwrites, she coordinates all Author/Certified Ghostwriter match-ups, manages all team leaders, and oversees all editorial output.


Eric “Kata” Schuyler, Publisher/VP of Operations

Eric has a broad background that spans editorial services, tech support, personnel management, children’s literature, sales, and customer service. An experienced Team Leader and Coach, he is also a Final Draft editor and interior designer. With his calm, patient manner and careful attention to detail, Eric is responsible for all publishing, technical support, and human resources. He also handles Iridescent Orange Press acquisition, production, and marketing/distribution as well as talent acquisition, equipment and site negotiations, and vendor relations.


Liv Haugland, VP of Ghostwriters

Liv’s cross-cultural lifestyle endows the company with its international flavor. She is a natural diplomat as well as a teacher, and world traveler. As our primary Team Leader, Liv troubleshoots Author/Certified Ghostwriter issues, interfaces with our international relationships, provides student support and classroom continuity, and oversees team members’ editorial output.


Joshua Ward, Graphic Designer/Webmaster

Josh is the webmaster for all WCLLC sites as well as GhostwritersUnite.com, a nonprofit owned by the same partnership. Easy going, detail oriented, and deadline conscious, he creates our interior graphics as well as many of our book covers. An accomplished social-media-network campaigner, he also develops Author Pages and provides SMN marketing for Iridescent Orange Press authors.An accomplished author and artist,