Our Referral Program

handshake-442908__340If you run across someone who wants to be an author but either doesn’t how to get started, isn’t sure what to write about, or has started their project and is now stuck, please refer them to Wambtac Ghostwriters.

In return, we’ll send you 2%-of-the-full-manuscript contract “thank you” if they hire us to ghostwrite their book.

What makes us different from the other ghostwriting services and associations on the web? We offer benefits no one else can match.

  • We’re staffed exclusively with certified ghostwriters—a Professional Designation from the California State University system—who all use the same development-to-final product methodology to create author-satisfying books that also have marketplace viability.
  • We charge all full-manuscript projects on a $5,000/month plan. No enormous upfront or back-end payment.
  • Our process-and-payment standardization allow us to make seamless writer replacements in the event of an emergency or disconnect—with no monetary loss or downtime for the author.
  • We provide a support team of senior ghostwriters, editors, creative analysts, and proofreaders on every project at no extra cost.
  • Our industry-savvy team leaders have no predisposition toward any particular publishing option, so they can help authors make an informed choice about how to take their particular title to market.

And, because we adhere to traditional ghostwriting ethics, we eliminate the risks some people associate with this vital service.

  • The author retains all advances, royalties and self-publishing profits. We take a flat fee—nothing else.
  • All names and titles are kept utterly confidential in perpetuity. Utterly private. Forever. Period.
  • Our authors and ghostwriters work together intimately to bring the author’s vision to life. No one ever “takes the material away” and writes it in their own vision.

Bottom line: We are the real deal.

So, the next time you meet someone who wants to write a book, just send us both a brief introduction, and we’ll take it from there.


No, we cannot guarantee we’ll sign a contract with every referral, but when we do, we’ll send you that 2%-of-contract “thank you!”

 Everything in life should be this simple.

For more information about our unique company, check out the rest of our site or schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

We look forward to making literary dreams come true with you!