Single Servings

All service prices listed are in $USD.


coaching1Monthly Coaching

Get help with your work-in-progress from a Certified Ghostwriter who will guide you, teach you ghostwriting techniques, keep you on track, and help you make vital decisions in 90-minute, recorded sessions. Final Edits can be arranged with a team member or independent editor. If you plan to write multiple nonfiction books or a series of novels, this hands-on-the-reins approach is the most cost-effective way to become a publishable author. This service is also available for creating Book Proposals, Synopses, and Book Plans.

Price: $1,500 to $3,500 per month. May be stopped and restarted without restriction

We will:

  • Meet with you twice a week in person or on a recordable interface
  • Guide you through each of the steps outlined above so you learn to “ghostwrite” future manuscripts for yourself
  • Keep you on track, help with vital decisions, and provide support throughout your work in progress

You will:


Instant Coaching/Brainstorming

Writing a book can be a lonely business, and it’s easy to get frustrated, discouraged, or even stuck. When that happens—or when you just need a sympathetic ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or an expert hand to get you through the rough spots—we can help you conquer writer’s block, re-set your focus, and get you back on track.

Price: $275 per session

We will:

  • Meet with you as quickly as possible on a recorded interface
  • Answer your specific questions and offer suggestions, provide guidance, and help you set achievable milestones or goals
  • Brainstorm your ideas, plot, and characters
  • Collaboratively line edit a specific section of your manuscript
  • Send you the recorded session

What you’ll do

  • Decide what issues you want to discuss
  • Schedule an Instant Coaching/Brainstorming session
  • Attend the meeting and work through your issues
  • Download and transcribe the recorded session
  • Refer to the transcription when you get discouraged or stuck again
  • Repeat as needed


Red Flag Reviewschool-1661731__340

Friends, family, critique groups, and even writing teachers seldom catch the kinds of issues that can make a manuscript into an “easy reject” or put off a cold, trade-audience reader or reviewer. Certified Ghostwriters are trained to find exactly those issues that can stand in the way of your title receiving the serious consideration it deserves. The secret to creating strong, reader-friendly titles lies in knowing how to make the most of your second draft. After you finish your first draft, find out what you really need to accomplish in your rewrite.

Price: $350 

We will:

  • Spend at least two hours going through your manuscript looking for structural, content, and other deal-breaking or reader turn-off issues
  • Meet with you for 30 minutes on a record-able interface
  • Explain how to eliminate your red-flag issues
  • Send you the recorded session

You will:

  • Schedule a Red Flag Review a day or two in advance of when you can meet
  • Forward your manuscript to using RED FLAG REVIEW on the subject line
  • Attend the meeting at the scheduled time
  • Download and transcribe the recording
  • Refer to the recording as you make the changes suggested by the Red Flag Review


Final-Final-Final Review

Getting your book out to the public is both easier and more fraught with pitfalls than ever before. To give your title its best chances to sell, we will help you determine your book’s strongest selling point(s) and widest range of markets while ferreting out any lingering off-putting issues and revealing the most feasible range of industry reactions. Hold off on this Single Serving until you’ve finished all your rewrites, edits, and cold-eye proofs.

Price: $2,500 (requires two weeks time)

We will:

  • Determine the three best, non-overlapping BISAC Subject Headings to attach to your ISBN that will guide online and traditional title classifications
  • Double check the full manuscript for any lingering structural, content, or market-oriented issues
  • Prepare a detailed report revealing the book’s strongest selling point(s); how literary agents, publishers, and industry reviewers will likely react; and detailing exactly how to correct or work-around any highlighted issues
  • Meet with you for 30 minutes on a recordable interface to answer any questions and help you plan your next step
  • Send you the report and the recording

You will:

  • Schedule a Final-Final-Final Review at least 10 business days in advance of when you can meet
  • Forward your manuscript to using FINAL FINAL FINAL REVIEW on the subject line
  • Attend the meeting at the scheduled time
  • Download and transcribe the recording
  • Refer to the report and the recording as your do your absolute final tweaking and prepare to submit or self-publish


Self-Publishing Guidance

The final steps for taking your self-published title to market can be delightfully simple or exasperatingly beyond your comfort zone. Our affiliate Graham Publishing Services will provide assistance and guidance from interior and cover design through publishing and marketing.

Price varies depending on services chosen – From $100

We will:

  • Introduce you to Colin Graham, our publishing affiliate

You will:

  • Pick and choose the appropriate services that will transform your Final Draft into a launched and marketed product
  • Alternately, you can choose to go straight to an industry publishing service provider, such as CreateSpace of Lightning Source