You have a great book idea.
Together, we can make it a
marketable literary property.

You want to write a book, but you’re not a professional writer.

That’s where we come in.

You’ve got a theory you’ve been developing for decades. A company or business you want to bring to the public’s attention. A wonderful story that’s been playing out in the back of your head for years.

Our ghostwriters will make your idea real and, most importantly, keep it yours. And we’ll do it invisibly, confidentially, and risk-free!

Why Choose Wambtac?


Every Wambtac Ghostwriter is trained to position, structure, craft, drive, and polish your manuscript to top industry standards. Plus, we understand the value of teamwork, so you’ll work with both a primary ghostwriter and a team leader, as well as an expert musical line editor and inhouse copy editors and proofreaders. You’ll also have access to our inhouse and affiliate publishers.

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Team Ghostwriting provides built-in accountability. If your primary ghost cannot complete your manuscript for any reason, he or she will be immediately replaced with another equally qualified, fully trained CSULB-certified ghostwriter. You won’t have to search for a new ghost or start over. Your new team will pick up the project where it stopped and finish it to your satisfaction. No other independent or ghostwriting organization can match this guarantee. 


Wambtac Ghostwriters are invisible. We will never reveal our contribution to your title, or even our association, without your permission. Ever. Your name alone appears on the cover and copyright. After all, it’s your book. Mum’s the word.


We never take a cut of your action. You keep all advances, royalties, and profits. Even if the book sells a million copies or gets made into a major film. It’s all yours. 

IT IS EXCELLENT. Impressive on how you were able to take all that information and make something that makes sense and is worth reading!

— Speaker Author

Just finished up with the master and all I can say is … This. Story. Rocks!!! I am soooooo excited! Absolutely loved what you did with their first lifetime, by the way. The verbiage is spot on!!!

— Novelist

I am touched and I like it and it brings up a little fear and excitement at the same time.

— Celebrity Author

I… think your corrections fantastic! What a great job you did simplifying and smoothing and cutting unnecessary phrases. I see now exactly what you mean about every writer needing an editor. Thank you again for your good work on my behalf, especially your enthusiasm for the project and your unfailing attention to detail. It is wonderful to have an ally in this work.

— Celebrity Author

I have almost completed my review of the full manuscript and feel you did an excellent job capturing the essence of who [our mutual client] was as a man and corporate executive. I would like to see this book as required reading in every business school in the United States…. I think [he] knew what he was doing when he chose you over the other potential writers he interviewed to ghost his memoir….

— Bill Gladstone, Waterside Productions

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What makes us unique?

We train all of our own ghostwriters

Ghostwriting services for authors

Wambtac Ghostwriters are fully trained and CSULB-certified in the only professional-designation ghostwriting program in the world. They all use the same, fully vetted book-creation process to ensure author satisfaction .

Emergency replacements are seamless

Ghostwriting services for authors

Like all successful business ventures, Wambtac Ghostwriters relies on teamwork. You’ll always have two ghostwriters. We’ll maintain your materials and work-in-progress maintained in our safe and confidential cloud.

Here’s the bottom line

Our ghosts are always invisible

They’ll never ask to put their name on your book or copyright.

You keep all proceeds

We will never take a percentage of your advance, royalties, or profits.

It’s your book

Your Certified Ghostwriter will
never “take the book away” and write it in their own vision.

Musical line editing

Your manuscript will not only be structurally and copy edited, it will be musically line edited, a crucial, often neglected step specifically built into our methodology.

One flat fee

Covers development, positioning, structuring, writing, rewriting, three-tier editing, publishing or self-publishing tools, and expert publishing advice.

Strategic planning

Your Primary Ghostwriter and Team Leader will help you determine the best publishing route for what you want to accomplish with with your book.

Unparalleled oversight

Ghostwriting Expert Claudia Suzanne oversees all Wambtac teams, projects, and client needs
or concerns.

Marketable literary property

Our unique process delivers eminently salable titles, whether you’re writing nonfiction, fiction, or a memoir.

Who can we help?

* Aspiring authors of all subjects and genres

* Writers who want to give their first book that “extra edge”

* Professional writers who need a “cold eye” review