What IS Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is an intuitive or learned 5-part skill set: creative analysis, industry positioning, concept development, revision and rewrite, and musical line editing.

Notice what’s missing from that list? Writing. 

Ghostwriting is not writing. 

It’s not creating out of nothing. It’s not researching, or pulling ideas from the gut or the heart, or calling on years of learning and experience.

It’s not reporting, or developmental editing, or imposing a “better” or more polished style or perspective on another person’s prose.

Ghostwriting is an intimate alliance between someone with wonderful ideas, and someone else who knows how to form, broaden,  narrow, relay, and make those ideas grok with specific circles of unknown readers. 

Ghostwriting is an editorial bridge that connects author ideas with reader enjoyment. 

Ghostwriting is really just ghostwriting, writing, editing, author, that simple . . . and that complex.

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