3 Manuscript Drafts every book must go through

Every book you’ve ever admired has gone through multiple drafts. As an author who mused about your book for the longest time before finally getting it on paper, it can be a knife to the heart to think that the story or manuscript you worked so hard on still isn’t finished. 

Book success, though, depends on your manuscript being an easy read, appropriate to the times, enticing to literary agents or publishers, and providing relevant insights/advice. No one can read their own work with the objective eye such adjustments require—that’s why multiple drafts work to refine, refine, refine until your manuscript shines like the marketable literary property it needs to be. 

Your book is your dream come true. Yes! Write it just the way you’ve always imagined it; the way you love it. Then embrace the next drafts that will make your readers, your agent, and your publisher love it too.

manuscript drafts