Choosing the Best Ghostwriter for Your Book

Five signs you’re getting the professional you need

Save yourself headaches, wasted money, and lost time by finding a ghostwriter with training, experience, and industry-insider knowledge. 

A simple online search will result in pages of ghostwriters, so how do you know which one to choose? Many writers can write a book for you, but a good ghostwriter will write your book without taking it away from your vision or your personal expression. 

Wambtac Ghostwriters are all Certified Ghostwriters, graduates from the award-winning Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (GPDP) offered through Cal State Long Beach, where they spend a year honing the skills you’re looking for.

When you’re evaluating a ghostwriter, consider:

Their credentials

Journalism and other types of freelance writing create effective, even powerful, wordsmiths. But ghostwriting isn’t reporting or article writing. It’s knowing how to hear a client’s (an author’s) voice and capture it in the written word for greatest market success. 

Certified Ghostwriters are trained not only to maintain an author’s voice but to structure a book effectively, edit it so the content almost-magically pulls the reader from page to page, and to know the book industry from the inside out. 

Their listening skills

Journalists-turned-ghostwriters are skilled at asking questions. The downside: many aren’t skilled at listening well to answers. Your first interview with any ghost will show you if they are a real listener, or if they’re just waiting to jump in with their story, promote their experience, or sell their skills.

Claudia Suzanne, the Ghostwriting Expert and creator of GPDP, likes to tell about one of her initial interviews with a potential client/author. As often happens, that author had already interviewed many other ghostwriters. Claudia asked a couple of key questions then listened and listened to the author. She asked a clarifying question here or there and listened some more. After the author had talked for 30 minutes and was satiated, Claudia talked about the author’s vision, offered to write a project proposal, and explained how they could work together. A couple of days after the author received the proposal, they had a signed contract. 

In an interview with any ghostwriter, you should have as much time as you need to talk about your book. 

Their genres

Good writers abound, but what you need is more than just a good writer; you need a good listener, a book-industry insider who knows what the market is looking for, and a person who asks the deeper questions to help you give all the information you want the world to know.

Writers who also ghostwrite often have a preference for fiction or nonfiction, specialties that require different skills: Nonfiction writers may not have the kind of drill-down expertise to ask about your fiction characters or plot. Fiction writers who love to create worlds may not be skilled in our mundane world where drawing out emotional memories for legacy books and memoirs or eliciting finer details of your business’ specialty are key to your book’s success. 

Wambtac Certified Ghostwriters spend a year learning both fiction and nonfiction skills that help make your nonfiction message clear or take your fiction readers on a satisfying, page-turning ride. 

Their fees and services

Before quoting a project price, Wambtac Ghostwriters get the full picture of what you want (or need) by looking at all your materials to assess how we can best support your book vision.  

Whether you start with a complete manuscript that just needs “help,” have assorted materials, or quickly scribbled an outline of ideas, we give our professional appraisal of what your book project would need to become a marketable literary property.  

Many authors want to write their own book but benefit from an objective, knowledgeable mentor. Weekly coaching sessions with a Certified Ghostwriter give you both creative support and expert insights. 

Certified Ghostwriters can write an in-depth Analysis and Recommendations report detailing where your book fits in the marketplace, its strengths, the weaknesses that could prevent its success, and how to fix them. 

Wambtac Ghostwriters work out the details of your project and delineate them in a book proposal that tells how long the project will take, what it will cost, and our guarantees. From beginning contract to completed manuscript, every step is transparent.

Their guarantee

 Some ghostwriters promise the moon, then make off with your deposit, leaving you with a smaller bank account and a bigger longing for your book’s completion. 

We will never do that to you. Our stellar reputation is based on expert service, 100% confidentiality, and detailed follow-through. 

Wambtac Ghostwriters work in teams so no matter what life may throw into the path of your assigned ghost, your project will barely feel the blip as another Certified Ghostwriter steps in. 

We sign NDAs that require us to keep all your material and our work on your book confidential. You can hold us to that promise—even if your book goes to film (a burgeoning trend in these Covid days), achieves international success, or is on the bestsellers list for a hundred years.

If you decide to add a book proposal, a marketing plan, or any of our other services, that will either be included in the project proposal or will be negotiated in a transparent, fair way. 

Wambtac Certified Ghostwriters are proud to be invisible to the public, available to your needs, and ready to make your book a marketable literary property that will garner the attention it deserves in the marketplace. 

To learn even more about how a Certified Ghostwriter can help you, attend Claudia Suzanne’s free webinar with NAIWE October 22, 2020: “7 Ways a Ghostwriter Can Help You Get Published.” 

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