Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

  • When you have a book roaming around in your head for years but are too busy to write it, hire a Certified Ghostwriter to help get it out of your head and onto paper. 
  • When you’ve started your book but are stalled because it’s just not right, or you just don’t like writing it, head to your local Certified Ghostwriter. 
  • When you are overwhelmed because the book project got too darn big, a Certified Ghostwriter will make it work. 

More than just a writer penning words that sound like you, a Certified Ghostwriter is a friend by your side through the writing process—they help you say what you want to say. They’re a coach, an analyst, an editor, or the writing heavy lifter. They know book templates, formatting, structure, BISACs, and industry pitch.

Certified Ghostwriters are book industry experts who can guide you through what to include in your business book and how to outline your topics so they flow one into the other. Or help you decide how to focus your memoir. Or keep you moving forward through the long process of an autobiography. Or map out your novel so it takes the reader on a smooth journey.

They can take your writing at any stage and assess it for deal breakers, language tier gaps, content disruptions, and other common errors that make a book face rejection after rejection. 

Certified Ghostwriters can create an Analysis & Recommendations report that tells where in the marketplace your book would have its best chance of success, where it’s strong or weak, and how to turn weaknesses into strengths. They are trained in recognizing what literary agents and publishing house acquisition editors are looking for—or what will make them take a one-minute look then toss a book away. 

Certified Ghostwriters are legally bound to remain anonymous and keep your material in confidence. They will not put their name on your book, claim your fame, or ask for royalties even if your book goes to film or enjoys international success. That said, some may negotiate a contract you both agree upon that could include any of these. It’s up to you and your ghost. 

Once your book manuscript is ready for submission, a Certified Ghostwriter can create a professional book proposal for agents and publishing house acquisition editors that includes overview, market comparison, competition titles, promotion plan, author bio, book details, interview questions, and book contents, including sample chapters. 

If you choose to self-publish or publish via the numerous hybrid models available today, a Certified Ghostwriter can create a Bestseller Strategy Plan (BSP). This marketing strategy plan covers promotion, websites, interviews, and a book details checklist as well as corporations, and organizations that may sponsor books or book events, or that are open to large-volume tie-ins.

Hiring a Certified Ghostwriter means your book gets the attention and expertise it deserves. 

Certified Ghostwriters will hold your hand, guide your pen, and have your back through the entire writing process.

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