Tell Me About Your Book

…the one you’ve already written, the one you’re working on right now, or the one you want to write someday #writing #books #authors

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A book is always on my mind, but I confess: my literary brain is bifurcated between the writing world and inside the book industry.

Yet as a professional ghostwriter, I’ve helped well over 200 create marketable literary properties that say what the author wants them to say, the way the author wanted to say it, while keeping in mind the average potential cold reader’s language tier, topic/genre sensibilities, and generational expectations.

That sounds complicated even to me, so over the years I figured out how to bring things down to a relatively simple set of questions. You can use them whether you’ve finished your manuscript, are in the middle of a work-in-progress, or are still trying to figure out how to get started.

Every question is integral to not only how you craft your manuscript (the writing world), but also to how you pitch, promote, and sell it (inside the book industry). I hope it helps satisfy the bifurcated parts of your own soul.

Note: the “then it goes here” list is a standard progression for both nonfiction and fiction manuscripts but not an absolute value. Your nonfiction may contain fewer or more than 15 main ideas, typically laid out one per chapter. Similarly, your novel may have fewer or more than 15 plot points, which can translate to any number of chapters depending on how you craft each one’s setup, execution, aftermath, and advancement to the next.

Let Me Tell You About My Book

  1. I wrote/am writing/want to write my book because:
  2. The most important thing I want to share/have everyone remember is:
  3. The book starts here:
  4. Then it goes here:
  5. Then it goes here:
  6. Then it goes here:
  7. Then it goes here:
  8. Then it goes here:
  9. Then it goes here:
  10. Then it goes here:
  11. Then it goes here:
  12. Then it goes here:
  13. Then it goes here:
  14. Then it goes here:
  15. Then it goes here:
  16. Then it goes here:
  17. Then it goes here:
  18. Then it goes here:
  19. The book ends here:
  20. The part I’m most concerned about is:
  21. My most logical next step is to:

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