The Analysis & Recommendations (A&R) is Wambtac Ghostwriter’s unique manuscript review for any nonfiction, memoir, or novel.

Quite frankly, the A&R was developed to give authors feedback they cannot get anywhere else—not from friends, family, fellow authors, creative-writing instructors, critique groups, or even developmental editors.

For example, the A&R approaches manuscripts from an insider’s perspective. That’s why it goes beyond simply recognizing a book’s audience. It also identifies the three best BISAC Subject Headings to attach to their ISBN metadata.

A key A&R point identifies the book’s top three selling points. Distributors, wholesalers, booksellers, and bulk buyers count on that data to make purchasing decisions.

The heart of this unique manuscript review is its sales-oriented analysis

The A&R discusses everything no one else can (or will) tell you about your manuscript. For example, it points out what to leave alone because it works!

Why Get an A&R?

Of course, this unique manuscript review also highlights what doesn’t work and why it doesn’t work. Even more, it explains why each issue is important for reader satisfaction—not to mention sales!

Because the analysis also uncovers what’s missing, it reveals how to make the book more “dynamic” or “irresistible.” Toward that end, it even gives step-by-step recommendations for how to fix any issues.

But wait, there’s more! This review also…

… isolates any “deal breakers” that stop a manuscript from reaching its market potential. Even though “structure” is the most common deal breaker for all books, other “easy reject” issues for nonfiction include:

  • Misfocused
  • Disjointed
  • Unpersuasive
…while memoir deal breakers involve:
  • Fictionalization
  • Mendacious
  • Insufficient reflection
…and novels often fall prey to:
  • Architecture issues
  • Author intrusion
  • Pride of authorship

“Gimme a one-liner…”

Every Literary Agent, Everywhere

Each A&R also includes the concise book description that agents and publishers want. No, it’s not a review blurb. Rather, it’s an multi-use sales tool in a single line.

All in all, the A&R is what savvy authors use when they want to give their books the best chance for success.

And no, you won’t find this kind of professional insight in one package anywhere else. 


Nonfiction: 7-10 days,  $1,500

Memoir: 10-14 days, $2,500

Fiction: 2-3 weeks, $3,500