Sep. 5, 2019
Winning with Writing Workshop
Writing Workshop with guest speaker Erik "Kata" Schuyler of Wambtac Communications, LLC.
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Aug. 20, 2019
In Praise of First Drafts
SCREAM! ACCUSE! BEMOAN! LAMENT! RAGE! SOB! REVEAL! HOWL! REGRET! In terms of catharsis, nothing beats a first draft.  That’s where you get to yell at everybody, cry your eyes out, sling accusations willy-nilly, and bring up every stored-away-for-the-right-moment injury that happened (or maybe actually didn’t) throughout your lifetime.  Or, if…
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Jul. 22, 2019
Characters = PMA: Perspective
In the last post, we talked about how plot and character must be interwoven to produce a satisfying story. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at every character’s starting point: perspective.  A person’s (or character’s) perspective is colored by their background: their upbringing, their parents’ attitudes and biases,…
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Jun. 10, 2019
Plot = Action, Not Editorial
Most people think a story’s “plot” is a just-the-facts version of what happens: boy and girl (or boy and boy, girl and girl, snail and fossil—whatever) meet cute; boy and girl rush to lust; boy/girl/both cheats; boy and girl break up; cheater somehow redeems themselves; boy and girl reunite; a…
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