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You finished writing your book.
Your family, friends, and critique group all love it. 

But will an agent want to rep it?
Will a traditional imprint pay you to publish it? 

Will strangers want to read it?

Find out before you publish!

manuscript blueprints are like house blueprints

Introducing Manuscript Blueprint, the ultimate solution for authors who want to take their manuscript to the next level. With our comprehensive service, you can get expert feedback and guidance on your manuscript, ensuring that it’s polished, professional, and ready for publication.

Our team of experienced editors, writing coaches, and publishing consultants will work with you to review your manuscript and provide detailed feedback on everything from plot and character development to pacing and dialogue. We’ll help you identify areas that need improvement and provide concrete suggestions for how to make your manuscript stronger and more engaging.

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive the strongest selling points of your manuscript, its most promising BISAC markets, and the  single-line pitch that will help you craft a compelling query letter or book proposal to submit to agents and publishers.

Whether you're a first-time author or a seasoned pro... whether you're looking to land a book deal or self-publish your manuscript... our Manuscript Blueprint can help you turn it into a bestseller. 

Choose the right blueprint for your needs


MANUSCRIPT STRENGTHS The strongest 2-3 sales/reader-appeal points

MANUSCRIPT WEAKNESSES The 1-3 most reader-disruptive or potentially deal-breaking issues, if any

WEAKNESS ASSESSMENT An issue-by-issue explanation of those disruptions and deal-breakers

ONE-LINE INDUSTRY PITCH An industry-standard single-sentence pitch for submitting to agents, publishers, and supply chain entities

BISAC SPREAD The book's 3 strongest BISAC codes/metadata to attach to your ISBN for the broadest possible market



BISAC ASSESSMENT Explanation of BISAC choices plus potential secondary and tertiary markets 

KEYWORDS Up to 15 title-specific search terms

DEVELOPMENTAL SUGGESTIONS — WEAKNESSES Prompts for correcting disruptions and deal-breakers

DEVELOPMENTAL SUGGESTIONS — EDITORIAL Prompts for expanding or enhancing your current draft



IN-DEPTH MANUSCRIPT AND MARKETABILITY ANALYSIS Discussion & assessment of overall focus, intent, tone, perspective, and marketability

Step-by-step guide to correct all weaknesses and implement all suggestions

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