Over the years, more and more of our clients have opted to self-publish their titles. They either don’t want to wade through the traditional publishing process, or they want to keep the reins of their Marketable Literary Property firmly in their own hands.

But great content and a dynamic cover aren’t enough to sell thousands of copies on their own. You have to get the word out as far and wide as possible. But how? Where?

You need a kick-off plan

If you have a plan, you’ll likely get where you want to go. If you don’t…you likely won’t.

To promote your title beyond Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, and other online bookstores, you need a 3 to 6-month plan to help:

  • Launch your author career
  • Develop relationships with distributors, wholesalers, and booksellers
  • Provide bulk, tie-in, and high-volume sales opportunities

We’ll comb the web, trade publications, and publicity opportunities to tailor a Bestseller Strategy Plan (BSP) to your specific title. It includes:

  • An industry one-liner pitch for distributors, wholesalers, and booksellers
  • And introduction blurb for hosts and emcees
  • Specific URLs for:
    • Potential affiliates and influencers
    • Fee-based promotions
    • Consignment sales
    • Topic-related blogs and publications

Your BSP will also include appropriate listings for potential:

Best of all, Wambtac’s full-project fee includes a complete Bestseller Strategy Plan (or book proposal)

WCLLC Policies and Procedures

BSP-Only Schedule/Budget

Nonfiction and Memoir: 3 months, $15-20,000

Fiction: not available