Do I really need a book proposal?

You need a book proposal to get a literary agent. Your agent also needs a book proposal to pitch your project to a traditional publisher. It’s that simple.

But, in fact, it’s also more complex as well. Some authors repurpose the proposal’s material for publicists and media pitches. Then again, others also use its information for off, online, and cooperative marketing campaigns.

Need a one-pager for book signings and personal appearances? A good proposal provides all the pertinent information you need.

In fact, savvy self-publishers even use a book proposal to develop affiliations with independent supply-chain entities.

Why do Wambtac book proposals stand above the others?

Everyone’s book proposal delivers the Who, What, Why, Where, and How that agents and publishers want to see.

The 4 U's Formula

But only Wambtac also delivers the book’s
Unique, Urgent, Useful, and Ultra-specific
content and market appeal as well.

Most proposals are formatted like a report. Wambtac’s flexible formatting, on the other hand, lets you rearrange to satisfy any agent’s guidelines.

While standard proposals define a book’s audience, Wambtac’s Market Analysis gives agents and publishers more specific information. For example, it not only includes the book’s BISAC markets, it also presents high-volume and bulk-sale possibilities.

Most Competition sections list and describe other popular titles. Wambtac’s Competitive Titles section demonstrates how your book fits in with today’s bestselling or perennial titles

The standard “About the Author” section reads like a mini-autobiography. Wambtac’s Author’s Bio focuses on your author authority. Furthermore, it not only includes an Author’s Platform, it delivers a Promotion Plan utilizing that platform to sell the most copies possible.

Our Book Details gives publishers the exact specs they want. Plus, our Book Contents read like an annotated table of contents, not like a series of chapter pullouts.

Moreover, our sample chapters not only say what you want them to say, they’re also musically line edited for maximum impact.

Finally, Wambtac’s package also includes:

  • An agent-friendly query letter
  • An initial list (10-15) of literary agents who handle your type of project

Best of all, Wambtac’s full-project fee includes a complete book proposal

(or Bestseller Strategy Plan)

Wambtac Communications LLC Policy and Procedures

We study the industry every day so we can give agents and publishers want they want.

Proposal-Only Schedule/Budget

Nonfiction: 3 months, $15,000

Memoir: 3 months, $20,000

Fiction: 3 months, $7,500