Certified Ghostwriters

The difference between “ghost writer” and “ghostwriter” is utterly meaningless.

The difference between inexperienced ghosts and professionals who spend years honing their craft, on the other hand, can mean the difference between a successful title and an unsuccessful one, and the difference between a happy, satisfying experience and a disgruntling waste of time and money.

When the print world imploded in late 2009, thousands of journalists, writers, and in-house editors found themselves suddenly out of work at precisely the same time that easy publishing began enticing millions of people to write books.

Many of the newly unemployed quickly switched gears and became literary agents or independent editorial-service providers. Most served the vast new aspiring-author market as freelance editors. A smaller number hung up shingles advertising themselves as “ghost writers” or “ghostwriters.”

Certified Ghostwriters

Certified Ghostwriters

To answer the need for competent ghostwriters who do not have the time to learn their craft over years of trial-and-error, Wambtac created Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program, (GPDP). The first (and still only) academically sponsored training in the world, GPDP teaches the entire ghostwriting skill set (theory, techniques, knowledge-base) in one intense, 10-month, masters-level course of study. Certified Ghostwriters know how to:

  • Determine market positioning upfront, so your book has its best chance of selling
  • Highlight and emphasize the strengths in your intellectual property
  • Uncover and remedy the hidden deal breakers that can make your manuscript into an “easy reject”
  • Maintain your voice, style, intent, and perspective throughout all rewrites and edits
  • Line edit to maximize its punch, drive, and reading pleasure
  • Guide you through today’s publishing-options maze to the best route for your particular title

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