Fact: no one writes a bestseller alone. Savvy authors turn to industry insiders when they need help.

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Do you want a Coach to help you organize, develop, write or rewrite?

Keeping your hands on the reins is the most cost-effective way to get where you want to go with your manuscript or self-published book. We can help you with:

  • Insider tips to make your content as thorough, complete, and dynamic as possible
  • Ghostwriting techniques and tricks that make the work easier and more fun
  • The freedom to stop and restart coaching sessions without restriction

Nonfiction: $1,500 – $3,500/month

Memoir or Fiction: $2,500 – $4,500/month

Do you just need to Brainstorm with someone about a thorny passage, market “spin,” or character-plot?

It’s an old trope, but still true: writing a book is a lonely business. It’s easy to get frustrated, discouraged, or stuck, even if you’re an expert in your field. After all, your expertise is not writing books.

Fortunately, ours is. We’re happy to toss ideas around to:

  • Get you past the rough spots
  • Bulldoze your writer’s block
  • Re-set your focus
  • Get you back on track

First 20 minutes free, then $180/hour

Could you use some Expert Consultation about what to do next with your book or writing career?

We’ve done hundreds of titles in almost every genre. We study the book industry and its trends all the time. We can advise you about:

  • Which market metadata to attach to your book
  • The best publishing avenues for what you want to accomplish
  • The most effective tactics for what to do next

First 20 minutes free, then $180/hour

No question is too minor, no problem is too tough.

To paraphrase Alan Jay Lerner: “We’re willing to help. We’re wanting to help. We’re waiting to help!”

Available for manuscripts, book proposals, synopses, and Bestseller Strategy Plans.