Would You Like Personal Help Turning  Your Knowledge Into a Published Book—
Without Having to Write it Yourself?

Here's Who This is For

 CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Inventors, Celebrities or Professional Athletes IF you are: 

1. Ready to write your book.
2. Willing to follow our proven process.
3. Have 90 minutes a week to work with your ghostwriting team.

That's it!  

If you meet the criteria above, I'd love to speak with you.

Here’s What We’ve Got

Our Ghostwriting Service helps you: 

♦ Transfer your knowledge and expertise into a dynamic, well-written book.

♦ Become a published author without needing to do it all yourself. 

♦ Use your book to promote your business and grow your market presence. 

♦ Give your readers vital elements that will make them want “more of you.” 

Here's How It Works

1. Discovery Development: We interview you to uncover what you want to say and how you want to say it. 

2. Intimate Chapter Writing: We send you each chapter as it’s written so you can tell us what you like and don’t like - that way you maintain control over your book. 

3. Musical line editing:  Delivers stronger, tighter, more impactful manuscripts that appeal strongly to agents, publishers, reviewers and readers. 

4. Publish and Market: Help getting your business book published with our best-practices book proposals and proprietary bestseller strategy plans. 

Here's What You DON'T Do

♦ No more putting off your book because you don’t even know where to start. 

♦ No worrying if it will be “good enough” to sell you or your services. 

♦ No spending endless hours (or even years) trying to write it yourself. 

Your job: Work with our ghostwriting team using our proven process to become a published author.

Here’s What You’ll Provide

As part of our work together, it will be your job to:

♦ Show up to the scheduled calls to provide content and then feedback for your book. 

♦ Follow our proven process.

♦ Tell us what you like and don’t like when we send you each chapter. 

Our Honest Guarantees

We are committed to your book. 

Thanks to our two-ghostwriter process, we guarantee you'll never pay thousands of dollars only to be left with an incomplete manuscript. 

If you come to the scheduled calls, follow our process, and tell us what you do and don't like about each chapter, we guarantee your published book will be given the serious consideration it deserves in the marketplace. 

What's the Fee?

Our Full-Manuscript Ghostwriting Service Fees range from $35,000 to $120,000 USD. For that investment, we will work together to deliver your business book—which says what you want, the way you want it said—so you can promote your business, boost your authority, and grow your market presence.

Here's What to Do Next

Click here to schedule a FREE 30-minute chat with me about your book. During our call or Zoom, we'll talk about your ideas, where you want your book to take you, and if we’re a good match to work together. And I'll answer your questions about the book business!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Click here to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation.


Claudia Suzanne, Founder & Principal Partner

My book has great reviews.

“I must admit that of all my books, I am most proud of this one. I am getting a great response from Leadership Teams throughout the world. The book has been in the top 100 of Organizational Change for either the book or Kindle since it launched. And, it has great reviews. Humbling for sure. Thanks again for your continued support.” 

~ Mark Samuel, Thought Leader, Accountability Consultant and Founder/CEO of IMPAQ

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