Ghostwriting is more than you might think it is

Sure, it’s a collaboration of spirits between passionate authors and industry professionals. And that collaboration is perfect for non-writing authors who have ideas, experiences, or a story to share.

Why? Because ghostwriters know the how to best communicate their sharing with the largest readership possible. Without changing the original intent. Or perspective, Or even wording.

Ghostwriting = Success

But ghostwriting is also perfect for first-time authors who want to break into the book business.

Again, why? Because ghostwriters have “insider” techniques, tricks, and industry know-how to help make the work easier and the outcome more salable.

Finally, ghostwriting is perfect for experienced writers who cannot seem to land a literary agent or traditional publisher…or who want to sell more copies of their self-published book.

Why? Because ghostwriters know how detect—and correct—hidden deal breakers and content disruptions. Ghostwriters also know how to put together a marketing/promotion plan of title-specific avenues that help sell more books.

Old meta, new meta

When industry experts claim there are less than 100 top professional ghostwriters in the business today, they’re not talking about writers, editors, and journalists who are willing to write a book based on your ideas (and maybe a few of their own) and put your name on it.

Lots of good writers can do that. Even more will accept a lower fee in exchange for a second-place byline and/or copyright credit.

That’s “old meta” ghostwriting. And yes, it still works for speeches and white papers, journal articles and even media content.

But today’s book-ghosting pros are a different breed.


Professional ghostwriters, like the CSULB-certified ones at Wambtac, are experts at…well…writing books. They understand the importance of industry positioning, marketing “spin,” and standard structure templates.

Only the top pros can spot and eliminate content disruptions. Heck, only a few handfuls of writers, editors, or even agents and publishers recognize deal breakers, much less know how to easily fix them. In fact, most industry players still admit, “I don’t know what’s wrong with it, I just know it doesn’t work.” Wambtac ghostwriters know “what’s wrong with it.” And how to easily “make it work.” do. Even more, we know how to keep your readers engaged from the first page of your book to the last. We train them that way.

Teamwork Guarantees Security

So let’s be real. We’ve reached the third decade of the 21st century and society has finally accepted that independent “hotshots” working alone to produce incredible results is a thing of the past. No one succeeds all on their own at anything anymore.

Truth be told, no one ever did.

Team Concept
Team Concept

Because we understand the value of teamwork, every Wambtac author works with two fully trained, CSULB certified ghostwriters. You can expect your primary ghostwriter and team leader to be by your side throughout every step of our process:

Development (interviewing, outline, chaptering)

Writing (chapter-by-chapter first drafts, revisions, rewrites)

Three-tier editing (musical line, copy, proofread)

Submission/publishing (decisions, materials, implementation)

So if for some reason your primary ghostwriter cannot complete your book—make that for any reason—your team leader will replace them with an equally qualified, fully trained CSULB certified ghostwriter.

Who will pick up the work exactly where it stopped. And finish the project.

You lose no money. We won’t change you anything extra. Best, of all, you won’t have to start over or find someone new.

We’ll just need a week or two to bring the new ghost up to speed. Then you and your team will make it happen. Together.

No other individual ghostwriter or organization can offer this guarantee.

That’s the value of teamwork. We work together for your success.

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