Iridescent Orange Press (IOP) has a passion for putting excellent literature into readers’ hands.

Guided Self-Publishing

IOP Legacy Press (IOPL)

Legacy books lay down roots

Our “just for me” alternate-publishing route is for authors who are more concerned with seeing their work in print than struggling through traditional publishing’s often arduous marketing/distribution path.

That makes Legacy Press perfect for your family history, recipe compilation, poetry, blog collection, lifetime wisdom, or any other memories you want to gift to your loved ones.

IOPL uses the same excellent layout designers and cover artists as our traditional press to deliver a beautiful volume your family cherish for generations.

ISBNs, LCCNs, and PCiPs available upon request.

IOP Entre-Press (IOPE)

Expert author

It’s a simple fact of life: an expert book is the ultimate marketing tool. After all, brochures are easily discarded, and websites are easily disregarded. That’s why we created IOPE—to help develop your perfect 21st century calling card.

An IOPE title helps you:

  • Establish your brand
  • Grow your business
  • Further your cause
  • Generate back of the room sales (BOR)
  • Solicit corporate sponsorship
  • Distribute free (and tax deductible!) advertising to potential clients and customers

Our authors include:

  • CEOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Speakers
  • Program developers
  • Experts
  • Leaders and influencers

ISBNs, LCCNs, and PCiPs available upon request.

IOP Single Servings

Physical and ebooks

eBook Reflow: we will code your manuscript for clean, unobstructive reflow on any eBook format.

Interior Design & Layout: we will design and layout your pages in InDesign for print reproduction.

Registrations: we will:

  • File your Copyright form
  • Secure your LCCN
  • Secure your ISBN (with attached BISAC Subject Headings)
  • Purchase a PCiP (necessary for library sales) on your behalf and under your own imprint

Submission to Kindle: we will complete the paperwork and process to submit your title to Kindle, the #1 distributor for independently published digital books.

Submission to IngramSpark: we will complete the paperwork and process to submit your title to IngramSpark, the #1 distributor for independently published physical books.

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