Blueprinting Boosts Business

Simplify your developmental-editing process and command higher fees with nonfiction blueprinting.

Boost your professional reputation and your earnings in just six short weeks with these easy-to-learn, easy to implement tools. Designed to keep you ahead of the competition and impress your clients, they'll give you the confidence and positioning you need to command the higher fees you deserve.

Thursdays, April 4 to May 9
• 9:30 to 10:30am Pacific
• $575, materials included
Affiliate members: 10% discount, 10% affiliate commission

Command Higher Fees

With advanced editing skills, "insider" realities, and secrets known only to trained professional ghosts, you can update your career, maximize your value, and leave your competitors behind you in the dust—in only six short weeks.

Magnify and Streamline

Imagine what you can do with a toolkit that  both simplifies and amplifies your process from start to finish! Dive into charting, harness BISAC power, customize nonfiction templates, and unlock hidden sales points and (easily rectified) marketplace obstacles.

Enrich your Professional Image

Craft dynamic pitches that captivate agents and publishers, resonate with  readers, and entice reviewers and podcast hosts alike. Give book proposal Overviews an extra "oomph" with to-the-point "W's" and sales-oriented "U's."

Eye Opening

I never even knew this stuff existed and I’ve been editing for years!

(Christina P.)

Exceeded Expectations

I write about 8 white papers a year for a corporate client. Working on one today... guess what!!! I'm charting the slides. Such a HUGE improvement in technique.

(Elizabeth B., PhD)

Confidence Boosting

I’ve already incorporated Manuscript Charts, Nonfiction Templates, and Musical Line Editing into my process with current clients…

 (Joshua L.)