How many times have people said:
"You should write your life story!"

They want to know more about you

That's the price for living a good life.

  • Your business network wants to glean your insights and know-how
  • Followers and colleagues want to read about your experiences, challenges, and triumphs
  • Your family and progeny want to find out who you  are, where you came from—and how they fit into your picture

They all want to know your thoughts, your reflections, and the lessons they can take away for themselves.

Memories on Mother's Day

You know you need to write a memoir, but it seems like so much work...

Just getting started feels overwhelming!

What is a memoir, anyway?

  • What should you write about? 
  • How many chapters do you have to write?
  • Do you have to tell it all?!
  • Can you write more than one memoir?

Why isn't there a simple online class to guide you?

Memoirs—Your Slice of Life

Step-by-step guideline to help you

1. Choose and organize

  • Choose your life slice
  • Make a list
  • Develop your thesis

2. Outline and expand

  • Write your outline
  • Rearrange for chronology 
  • Liberate your creative mind 

3. Write and Rewrite

  • What a good story needs
  • Your important first draft
  • Finding a fresh perspective

4. Your polished second draft

  • When to edit
  • Why to edit
  • Types of editing

Your instructor, Sabriga Turgon, Certified Ghostwriter

headshot of Sabriga Turgon

Marketing Director of Wambtac Communications LLC, Sabriga has been helping people, the environment, families, and strangers her entire adult life. 

After years of exploring foreign cultures and languages and experiencing the great and intimate moments in people's lives, her quest to make our world healthy and peaceful led her to develop a passion for memoir—especially memoirs of women, BIPOC, and other minorities.  

Wambtac Ghostwriters 
Wambtac Communications LLC is pleased to welcome Sabriga's "Memoirs—Your Slice of Life"
to its growing collection of
Specialized Trainings

Only $49! 

Memoirs—Your Slice of Life  | Wambtac Communications

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