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Despite the myriad authoring tools developed in recent years, the book industry still defaults to .doc and .docx files. 

The most reliable way to create those is with MS Word.

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Introducing MS Word 4 Writers, featuring easy-to-learn, easy to apply back-office features that will make your manuscript outshine 90% of the competition with acquisition editors, literary agents, and hybrid publishers.

Our team of experienced editors, writing coaches, and tech consultants will show you the intricacies of MS Word's environment. We'll take you through creating and attaching templates to your manuscript and demonstrate how to apply styles to your paragraphs, headings, and emphasized words or phrases.

But that's not all! We'll also teach you how to comply with today's gate-keeping and ranking algorithms to give your book its best chance for success.

Whether you're looking to publish traditionally, through a hybrid, or simply produce a beautiful self-published volume, MS Word 4 Writers can help you dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s so your manuscript looks and flows like a winner. 

Choose the right training path for you


An introduction to why you need to understand and apply MS Word's back-office features.

Includes the fundamentals of creating and attaching templates, styling manuscripts, and complying with gatekeeper and ranking algorithms. 

Web Class

A fully illustrated online presentation of the MS Word environment, how to create and attach templates, and how to style your manuscript so it conforms to industry expectations. 

Includes tips to make sure your manuscript can get past the mechanical challenges of gatekeeper and ranking algorithms. 

Live Workshop

Live, hands-on master class to walk you through MS Word's environment and back-office features. 

Our tech expert will personally help you create the template(s) you need, attach them to your manuscript, and apply the template's styles to all text, headings, and points of emphasis.

He will also demonstrate correct formatting for industry submissions and direct-to-digital reflow.

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