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If you feel like the system is fighting you
every step of the way these days—

you're right!

It's not just your imagination that manuscripts are rejected within minutes of submission lately—

... or that beautiful, freshly self-published books debut at ridiculously low online rankings.

Welcome to the "easy reject" trap!

Millions of authors submit their manuscripts to literary agents and publishers every week. 

Millions more bypass traditional houses and use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or self-publish under their own imprint. 

That means there are billions of submissions and published books available at all times.

The book industry is glutted with material, but the public's demand for new titles keeps growing.

What's a literary agent, acquisition editor, or online bookseller to do? How can they simplify the sorting process?

They use algorithms, of course.

Public and hidden algorithms make it easy to reject manuscripts and deep-freeze self-published titles

Stage 1

  1. Templates
  2. Styles
  3. Coding
two doors

Stage 2

  1. Passive voice
  2. Static phrasing
  3. Passive senses

MS Word 4 Writers 

Master the intricacies of MS Word's environment with easy-to-learn, easy-to-apply back-office features. 

MS Word 4 Writers takes you through the mechanics of

  • Creating and attaching templates to your manuscript
  • Applying styles to paragraphs, headings, and emphasized words andphrases
  • Removing extraneous hidden coding

Learn how to MS Word's powerful, built-in tools to improve you writing and communication potential 

These tools can help you comply with gatekeeping & ranking algorithms

  • Passive voice
  • Static phrasing
  • Passive senses

Choose the right training path for you

Web Class

  • An illustrated, interactive presentation of the MS Word environment
  • How to create and attach templates
  • How to style your manuscript for  industry expectations
  • Tips to ensure your manuscript complies with gatekeeper and ranking algorithms 

Live Workshop

  • Live, hands-on master class will walk you through MS Word's environment and back-office features 
  • Get personal help to create the template(s) you need, attach them to your manuscript, and apply its styles to all text, headings, and points of emphasis.
  • Live formatting demonstration for industry submissions and direct-to-digital reflow

Your instructor, Kata Schuyler Certified Ghostwriter

headshot of Eric

In-house technical support for Wambtac Communications LLC, Eric "Kata" Schuyler is every student's go-to resource for classroom environment and MS Word tutoring.

As Dean of Students and principal team leader, Kata also provides personal, uber-patient one-on-one support and guidance to all Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program trainees and Wambtac Ghostwriters clients.

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