We appreciate your referrals!

  1. Full Manuscript Referrals
    We’ll pay you 2% of the full-manuscript fee for every author you recommend who contracts with us to ghostwrite their book.
    Our fees range from $35,000 to $65,000, so your 2% affiliate fee will range from $700 to $1,300.00, paid at the beginning of the contract.
  2. GPDP Referrals
    We’ll pay you 10% ($57.50) of the “Introduction to Ghostwriting” tuition for every student who uses your Affiliate Registration Link. No limit. Students receive a 10% discount as well.
  3. Webinar & Workshop Referrals
    We’ll pay you 10% for every participant who signs up for one of our webinars or workshops using your Affiliate link. Your members will receive a 10% discount as well. 

We’re also happy to present FREE webinars to your network and invite you to promote those we do with other affiliates.

No one else can match our service!

  • Risk-Free Service
    If our primary ghostwriter cannot complete a project—for any reason—we’ll replace them with another Certified Ghostwriter. Monetary loss: none. Time loss: minimal.
  • Easy Payment Plans
    All fees are charged on a negotiable monthly payment plan.
    No enormous upfront or tail-end fees.
  • Team Ghostwriting
    Every author works with a primary ghostwriter, a team leader, a musical line editor, and affiliated editors.
    All services included in our full-project fee.
  • Invisible and Confidential
    We never take byline or copyright credit for our author’s proprietary work.
    Confidentiality maintained in perpetuity.
  • Certified Ghostwriters
    All our ghosts and team leaders are Certified through California State University, Long Beach’s award-winning Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program.
    The only fully trained ghostwriters in the world.