Specialized Classes
Authors, Writers, and Editors

Specialized classes offering step-by-step processes for DIY authors. Industry insights not available elsewhere.

Extracted from Ghostwriting Professional Designation curriculum.

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MS Word 4 Writers

Create and apply templates and style manuscripts to satisfy publisher expectations and coomply with gatekeeper and ranking algorithms.

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Musical Line Editing

The fifteen-point review that transforms an author-satisfying first draft to an industry-standard, reader-appealing second draft.

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Creative Analysis

Critical thinking, debate protocol, abstract reasoning, and focused ingenuity process you can apply to writing or ghostwriting books, client relations, and project management.

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"Movel" to Novel Conversion

What “movels” are, why they won’t sell, and the step-by-step process to upgrade them into viable fiction books.

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Perspective, Motive, Agenda (PMA)

A dive into using human nature and creative analysis to deconstruct agenda from action, motive from agenda, and perspective from motive for writers, authors, and ghostwriters.

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Reverse Engineering

Applying the principles of PMA to recognize the root cause of personal, business, and political conflicts and provide a path to understanding and resolving most (not all) civil disputes.  

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Manuscript Blueprint

A preview of what agents, publishers, reviewers, and readers will think about your manuscript—without risking rejection.

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Musical Line Editing

An intricate, dynamic literary massage that brings "okay" books to life, transforms "good" books into salable properties, and makes "great" books sing.

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Writer Coaching

Author support that takes the dread out of conceptualizing, revising, writing, rewriting, re-rewriting, and re-re-rewriting any manuscript.

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Publishing Guidance

Collaborative, title-specific self-publishing for any type of book based on what's best for your goals and needs—and what's best for your particular title. 


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