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GOOD HOUSEKEEPING LABEL OF APPROVAL. I reread it and it is quite good.

Speaker Author

WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE how entirely grateful I am to you for all your work, writing, and research…You are a gifted writer and a creative soul.

Published Author

THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and professionalism.

Satisfied Author

UNTOLD HOURS of discussions with Liv Haugland clarified many problems shared by immigrants, and her literary competence contributed to the final draft.

Published Author

I am touched and I like it and it brings up a little fear and excitement at the same time. I look forward to the next part.

Mahan Kirn

I have almost completed my review of the full manuscript and feel you did an excellent job capturing the essence of who [our mutual client] was as a man and corporate executive. I would like to see this book as required reading in every business school in the United States…. I think [he] knew what he was doing when he chose you over the other potential writers he interviewed to ghost his memoir….

Bill Gladstone, Waterside Productions

I… think your corrections fantastic! What a great job you did simplifying and smoothing and cutting unnecessary phrases. I see now exactly what you mean about every writer needing an editor. Thank you again for your good work on my behalf, especially your enthusiasm for the project and your unfailing attention to detail. It is wonderful to have an ally in this work.

Celebrity Author

Just finished up with the master and all I can say is … This. Story. Rocks!!! I am soooooo excited! Absolutely loved what you did with their first lifetime, by the way. The verbiage is spot on!!!


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I could not have done the proposal without the help and guidance of Claudia Suzanne. She’s amazing! She coached, encouraged, understood, got real and was extremely generous with her time and energy. I learned a lot and highly recommend her services.

Elda Lopez

THANK YOU SO MUCH for talking me through some important distinctions; it may well help preserve my relationship with my friend if we don’t get into the wrong version of a writing agreement.

Aspiring Author

IT IS A GREAT PLEASURE to recommend the work of Liv Haugland as a ghostwriter. In the process of developing my own book, I found that I suffered from too much subjectivity. Liv’s ability to listen and provide constructive suggestions was extremely helpful to me. In the process, she did not hesitate to bring in additional resources that proved catalytic to my thinking and writing process. If you are in need of a professional writer who knows the ins and outs of taking you from “idea” to “achievement” then Liv is the partner for you.

Aspiring Author

COMPLIMENTS TO YOUR GHOST for drawing out of you the real meanings, and the real [you]. Then presenting them in a way that we readers are inspired to frame our personal experiences with more clarity and purpose – thanks to you.

Anonymous Reviewer

Having reviewed the original, I WAS SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED with the edit. [It] streamlined the excess and honed it into a very poignant, funny, and effective satire/rant. Now the author has something elegant, powerful, and sellable. What a turnaround. It’s always good to learn how unformed material can transform into something tangible, readable, AND valuable.

Independent Reviewer


Mel Hecker, Publications Officer, USHMM/Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

Truth is, despite the subject matter (the Holocaust), IT WAS AN EASY AND QUICK READ.

James C. Riordan, Publisher, Seven Locks Press

I am touched and I like it and it brings up a little fear and excitement at the same time.

Celebrity Author

IT IS EXCELLENT. Impressive on how you were able to take all that information and make something that makes sense and is worth reading!

Speaker Author