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What makes Wambtac Ghostwriting different from other ghostwriting companies is . . . everything!


Enjoy the security of our team approach, It guarantees seamless emergency replacement & no-risk continuity


Relax knowing your team is not only certified in ghostwriting theory, skills, & ethic. They're also versed in book industry realities and pitfalls as well


Savor the intimate collaboration when you & your team polish your book together. Musical line editing increases your book's industry potential & reader appeal

What Else Makes Us Different?

Truth is, anyone can--and many people do--call themselves ghostwriters these days. In fact, enterprising writers can even sell "Professional Ghostwriter Certificate" emblems and badges to other writers. 

But only an elite few understand and can apply the differences between: 

  • Writing and ghostwriting
  • Author-satisfying first drafts and salable second drafts
  • Books for the public versus books for a purpose

World Class Ghostwriters

Industry Insiders
Invisible, Confidential, Ethical

Analysis & Recommendations

Get the feedback agents and publishers won't give you--and developmental editors don't understand

Proprietary Tools

Your team uses specialized ghostwriting tools to make the writing-editing process easy, efficient, and effective

Insider Perspective

Count on your team to help you explore "public" vs. "purpose" titles, tax realities and advantages, and publishing options

. . . and that's what makes us different.

Your book dream is safe in our hands. 

We'll write it so it says what you want to say. 

In your voice, not ours. 

And we'll add the polish that makes sure it appeals to literary agents, publishers, reviewers, and readers. 

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