Musical Line Editing

For Writers, Ghosts, and Editors

As a former drummer, I hear the rhythm, beat, and dynamics of every word on the page. I created Musical Line Editing to eliminate 16-bar bass solos in manuscripts, reduce their 32-bar voice-over intros, and add some paradiddles, flams, and other percussive dynamics.

In more literary terms, MLE makes sure readers have no chance to stop reading or have to pull back and reread. MLE can energize even the most mundane piece of writing—without changing the author’s words, intent, or perspective. More than a syntax, punctuation, or grammar pass, MLE is a musical infusion.

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Workshop Structure

We’ll meet for 90 minutes every Thursday from noon to 1:30pm Pacific time. 

I'll explain MLE theory and elements, then we'll MLE a participant's chapter together. All participants are encouraged to make comments and suggestions. I'll explain the why's and why nots as the work progresses. 

MLE is a deliberate, careful, interactive editorial pass. .Participants are encouraged to help each other finish that week's chapter outside the workshop. 

All sessions will be held and recorded on Zoom. We usually get those recordings up within the hour.

We will MLE a different chapter each week

Five weeks, five participants

First come, first MLE'd

March 30 - April 27

Noon - 1:30 pm Pacific time



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